Image Credit: Gaurav Chopra and Bani J Honestly, I hated the recent phase in Bani JGaurav Chopras relationship, when Bani refused to speak to Gaurav and even bitched about him to Manveer. The two fought over nominations and it took some real efforts on Gauravs behalf to convince Bani of his friendship and revive his bond with the girl. Photo Credit: Gaurav C hopra and Bani J Since the two are back on talking terms, Bani shows Gaurav that she desires to go home. She s ays she has had enough plus cannot stay in the house any longer. Gaurav replies, in a hushed tone, that his survival in the house will be difficult in the event that Bani leaves. The latter after that coaxes him into saying out loud and when he really does, she laughs and informs him he should not be self-centered. But Gaurav is firm on his stand and repeats that he will find it challenging to stay in the house if Bani leaves. Awwww!